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Cloud Training

Learn faster. Move faster. Transform now with courses and real hands-on labs in AWS, Azure, Google Cloud, and beyond.

400+ courses and 1,800+ hands-on labs

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Trusted by Partners and Customers


Effective and engaging

We’ve helped more than 2.2 million engineers and 4,000+ businesses build modern tech skills and learn to cloud — and we’d love to help you, too.

We use proven adult learning principles to create a tailored, effective learning experience for all skill levels. Only A Cloud Guru offers the freshest courses and labs, paired with comprehensive tools and presented by instructors every bit as unique as you are.


Build organization-wide cloud fluency

Get teams across your org speaking the same language and ahead of the cloud curve with the most effective, hands-on, and comprehensive platform for cloud learning at scale.

Build your cloud dream team and stop looking for Bigfoot

Cloud transformation takes skill — skilled talent.

But 63% of IT leaders say it’s harder to find qualified engineers than Bigfoot. Unlike mythical upright-walking primates, there’s no doubt the right talent exists. But how do you find it? You already have.




of enterprise IT organizations’ migration to the cloud will be slowed by two years or more due to insufficient cloud skills




of technologists feel completely confident they have the cloud skills to master their current job

2-6x ROI

Cloud training initiatives can have a return on investment of up to 2–6x

Continuous cloud learning

Your path to cloud nirvana

ACG for Business can navigate your team from here to the cloud with our fresh, hands-on approach to continuous learning at scale — and a boatload of tools built to teach your people better and faster.


Accelerate cloud strategy

We integrate engaging content with hands-on learning-by-doing. Your people get real skills in real environments.


Tap into multi-cloud learning

Develop the modern tech skills needed to support any multicloud initiative, from building fluency to strategic migrations.


Build cloud-ready talent

Build cloud-literate, cloud-ready, and cloud-native talent—with experiences built for every stage of cloud maturity


Deliver personalized learning at scale

Learning tailored for every stage and style. Give your teams the information they need, when they need it.

Don't take it from us

Check out these real reviews from cloud learners:

"ACG’s multicloud course library is huge for us because we have so many different products and technology stacks across our organization."

Mike Berg

Director of Service Development at Thomson Reuters

"We’ve seen real value from A Cloud Guru’s expanded focus on learn-by-doing with features like Cloud Playground. We’ve accelerated Accenture’s learning journey and helped drive cloud skill development across our company."

Jeff Hammond

Accenture, AWS Business Group Global Capability Development Lead

"A Cloud Guru’s Cloud Playground and Hands-on Labs made it easy for us to play around and learn in a protected environment where no one had to be worried about breaking something in our app or incurring unintentional costs."


Frank Ashcraft

Director of Software Engineering CloudChekr

What’s it like?

Learn by doing

Our learn-by-doing method gets you hands-on with the cloud, so you can build practical experience that sticks. 85%

of our learners say they retain more when they learn by doing.


Cloud Playground

Learn by doing with live Cloud Playground AWS, Azure, and GCP sandboxes. Cloud along with courses, test ideas, and prep for exams.


Practice Exams

Pass on the first try. Prep for certifications with practice exams that mimic the real thing. And get personalized pointers on how to improve.


Hands-on Labs

Learn new skills faster and get your hands cloudy with thousands of real, guided labs on all things cloud from novice to guru.

This will teach you

Comprehensive cloud learning library

With hundreds of courses and thousands of labs, we give you plenty of room to roam. Whether you’re accelerating your own career or skilling up teams, you can go as broad or as deep as you need, and then some.

We offer full certification training and technical deep dives for Amazon Web Services, Microsoft Azure, Google Cloud Platform, and so much more. What would you like to learn?


Amazon Web Services

We're an AWS Advanced Consulting Partner, and have trained over two million engineers on AWS.

  • Access all AWS Certification Courses

  • Hundreds of hours of certification & courses

  • Thousands of quiz questions


Microsoft Azure

Our Microsoft Azure experts provide courses perfect for beginners and advanced Azure users.

  • Certification and deep dive courses

  • Weekly updates on new developments in Azure

  • Fireside chats with leading Azure experts


Google Cloud Platform

Learn to master the Google Cloud Platform with our expert-led courses and labs.

  • Associate & Pro certification courses

  • Hands-on Labs and deep dive projects

  • Kubernetes and serverless courses



Learn your way around the OS that underpins modern tech, from humble appliances to most of the cloud.

  • Courses and labs covering major Linux certs

  • Red Hat, Linux Foundation, LPIC, and SUSE

  • Deep dives into open source, DevOps, and more

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