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Business Management & Operational Strategy Consulting

We empower you to address and adapt to business challenges, developing and implementing programs that build solid footing for long-term business success.

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Business Management Consultants


We collaborate with you to optimize business operations and drive long-term success. By co-developing solutions, we’re able to put all the pieces together – technology, data, software application development, communications – so that programs achieve desired outcomes and you can meet the challenges of today and tomorrow.

Operational Strategy

Our business operations consultants use a foundation of deep data and technology capabilities to help leadership implement meaningful change across their enterprises. We understand the need to drive value-based outcomes that make a meaningful difference to an organization’s capabilities and the experiences it delivers to customers and colleagues.


Process & Workflow Improvement


While technology solutions can empower operational efficiencies, lasting results are often lost when process and workflow improvements aren’t factored properly into implementation. That’s why, as a process improvement consulting firm, we leverage Lean and Six Sigma methodologies to maximize technology investments and optimize resource and personnel productivity.


Project & Program Management (PPM)


When you need capable human capital to get the job done, InfoWorks provides organizations with skilled PMP-certified consultants to manage and deliver projects on-time and on-budget.


Managed Services


If running the day-to-day IT operations is not a core piece of your long-term business plan, our managed services team can provide the experience and design expertise to customize and coordinate an outsourced IT and data organization.


Change Management


Preparing for and executing change within an organization takes a holistic approach. Our change management consulting experts define this as both an art and a science. The art is knowing how to collaborate with project sponsors to define and involve key stakeholders, assess organizational readiness, and determine approaches of engagement models to assure success. The science is creating an efficient design architecture and having the right tools and data plan that will enable you to achieve desired results.


Post M&A Integration


Whether you are acquiring a company, divesting a business or merging with another organization, our M&A consultants navigate the complexities of the new environment to minimize disruption and maximize a path to seamless productivity. From IT strategy and governance to system implementation and data reporting, we help manage the systems integration work needed to bring economies of scale to the changing organization.

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Practical, Implementable Strategies to Leverage the Power of Your Data & Analytics

Timely access to information and analytics allows you to make better decisions, but the lack of a well-defined strategy or data governance will lead to data silos and information overload. Our data experts are ready to develop a customized approach for utilizing data within your organization.

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Your Trusted Partner for Technology Strategy Consulting & Implementation


Our technology consultants can help your organization with anything from choosing the best technology for your purposes to integrating multiple systems. We’re able to come alongside your team from start to finish. See how our approach makes the difference.

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