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Cloud Computing Fundamentals

Before migrating to the cloud, or even deciding to migrate to the cloud, you need to have a solid understanding of its fundamentals. This selection of content will get you up to speed with cloud computing, its benefits, its impact on business, and the three major cloud vendors: Amazon Web Services, Microsoft Azure, and Google Cloud Platform.

Migrate to the Cloud

Now that you know more about the cloud, you need to learn what steps to take to migrate your IT infrastructure to it. This selection of content provides you with an understanding of the methods and best practices to successfully migrate to the cloud.

Cloud Fundamentals Hands-on Labs

This selection of labs gives you hands-on experience in the fundamentals of working in the cloud. Covering the three main cloud providers — AWS, Azure, and GCP — these labs explore cloud topics such as instances, storage, and security in a practical way. If you like these, then you'll find more labs, lab challenges, and lab playgrounds within each category of our library.

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